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Reconditioned Scott 2.2 AP75 / Scott 4.5 AP75 2007 NFPA Compliant SCBA − One of the best Scott Air-Paks available, this comes with AV3000 Mask, EZ-Flo Regulator, SEMS, HUD, RIC/UAC Assembly, Dual EBSS, CBRN & Carbon or Aluminum Cylinder
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Reconditioned Scott 2.2 2002 NFPA / Scott 4.5 AP50 2002 NFPA Compliant SCBA - Our most popular SCBA includes AV2000/AV3000 Mask, EZ-Flo Regulator, HUD, RIC/UAC, Integrated Pak Alert SE+ & Aluminum or Carbon Cylinder
Reconditioned Scott 2.2 AP50 / Scott 4.5  AP50 1992/1997 NFPA SCBA − This Scott Air-Pak Includes AV3000/AV2000 Mask & Aluminum or Carbon Cylinder. Available also with Integrated Pak Alert. 
Reconditioned Scott 2.2 NXG7/ Scott 4.5 NXG7 2007 Compliant SCBA - This Scott Air-Pak includes AV3000 Mask, EZ-Flo Regulator with Quick Disconnect, Snap Change Cylinder Connection, HUD, RIC/UAC, Buddy Indicator LED Lights, CBRN & Aluminum or Carbon Cylinder - Optional Pak Alert & Pak Tracker
Reconditioned Scott SABA with aluminum cylinder & AV2000 mask
Reconditioned Scott Cylinders
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CliScott RIC/UAC (Rapid Intervention Universal Air Connection) - For emergency use only! Permits replenishment of air.
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.New or Reconditioned Scott AV3000 Mask
New or Reconditioned Scott AV2000 MaskClick here to add text.
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  Scott EPIC Voice AmplifierClick here to add text.
Scott Heads Up Display - visual display of                     SCBA air statusClick here to add text.
Scott Dual EBSS (Emergency Breathing Support System) - Permits air from an outside source (e.g. Rit bag or another SCBA (buddy breathing)).addClick here to add text.
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Reconditioned Scott 2.2 NXG2 / Scott 4.5  NXG2 2002 NFPA SCBA − This Scott Air-Pak Includes AV3000/AV2000 Mask , EZ-Flo Regulator, Snap Change Cylinder Connection HUD, RIC/UAC, Pak Alert SE+, Dual EBSS  & Aluminum or Carbon Cylinder. Optional SEMS & CBRNadd text.
Reconditioned Scott 2.2 AP50i SCBA / Scott 4.5 AP50i SCBA - This Scott Air-Pak Includes AV2000 Mask, EZ-Flo Regulator, Aluminum or Carbon Cylinder & Case
Reconditioned Scott 2.2 SCBAi / Scott 4.5 SCBAi - This Scott Air-Pak Includes AV2000 Mask, EZ-Flo Regulator, Aluminum or Carbon Cylinder & Case
Scott Electronic Management System (SEMS)